Ben Romney & wife adopt black baby, Left erupts with venom & hate…

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True to form, the left went beserk, heads exploded and bodies were jumping off roofs when it was discovered last week that Ben Romney–son of Mitt–and his wife Andelyne.

Says the kind and generous wife of Ben:

“Last week, I wrote about a strange phenomenon we experienced firsthand after adopting our daughter from Ethiopia: Liberals think adoption is great, unless white, Christian, Republicans are the ones doing it. It was odd and sad to have strangers questioning and criticizing our family composition. The same crowd who emphasizes that there are all kinds of families — gay, lesbian, straight, divorced — suddenly got the vapors when they saw my black child on my hip at a GOP convention.”
Wow! So only black babies adopted by liberals are worthy of existence and life. That may be why libs promote baby killing of preborn blacks and Hispanics in many major cities in numbers disproportionate to their population levels. For example, while blacks are 12% of the US population, a full 38% of baby killing abortions are committed upon a black baby who may have been a future MLK or a star in the NFL.
Weasels that they are, the left see no disconnect with their racism, bigotry and intolerance to white Christians who may or may not be conservative Republicans.
Anathema sit!

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