He shall reign…

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Yesterday was the Feast of Christ the King according to the Traditional calendar.

Some good reading for this important feast--such as the encycical Quas Primas (1925) of Pope Piux XI instituting the feast–which was moved to the end of November under the conciliar calendar.

In the Byzantine Eastern Rites, He is depicted most often as Christ the Pantocrator, or the Judge, reminding us of the final 4 things, that while Christ’s Mercy is unfathomable, He is also a just judge and will judge accordingly at the personal and final judgments for those dying unrepentant or outside the house of faith, the Holy Catholic Church which He established.

It is a good reminder that in the world of people and politics, Christ should be front and center, in the middle of our lives, immersed in the culture and all its human workings, as King over all He has created, and not expunged or removed or separated from society as the error-filled secular, masonic thinking has it.

May He lord it with His tender and beneficient Mercy over all individuals and society, as is proper to His role as King of the Universe.


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