Fed judge blocks teeny tiny part of new TX abortion law…

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A federal judge blocked a small portion of a new TX law that went into effect banning surgical abortions after 20 weeks gestational age, Twitchy is reporting.

The judge blocked part of Texas’ new abortion law that requires doctors performing abortions to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital in case emergency inpatient treatment is needed–a reasonable limitation for patient safety, and which would be required for any other such similar major surgery, such as ripping a child from a woman’s womb.

Abortoholic opponents have argued that in a state as large as TX, some abortion clinics have no such thing as a “nearby hospital” (within 30 miles) and would therefore be prevented from providing abortions under the new law and possibly close. They offered no specifics to back the wild assertion, that seems groundless on its face.

The law was fiercely opposed by the gals at NAG, the ACLU and those standing to make serious dollars on the law’s reversal, Klan Parenthood, the largest domestic terrorist organization by all reasonable standards.

Many confused abortion-prone women nationwide declared the ruling a victory for women.

They failed to address that 1/2 of abortions in the US end up with at least one woman dead, in the cases of serial murderers such as “Tiller the Killer”, Gosnell and others, two women are often the outcome of the baby search-n-destroy missions of these abortion “doctors”.

Another part of the law that requires abortion clinics to meet the same safety standards as those of ambulatory surgical centers stands, as does the limit on abortions in most cases 20 weeks after conception. So, the major thrust of the law will remain in effect and the part struck down will be appealed. Similar such reasonable limits have been reversed on appeal, so the baby killers may be celebrating prematurely, ESH pun intended.



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