Good news in Ukraine with new cathedral…

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While not exactly typical of the onion domed structures we associate with Eastern Rite Catholics (and the Orthodox as well), there is good news from Ukraine that they have consecrated their new cathedral, built after the fall of communism in that former republic of the Soviet Union.

After more than a decade of construction, the Holy Resurrection Cathedral of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church was consecrated on 18 August 2013. This cathedral has become the main shrine for more than five million Ukrainian Greek Catholics throughout the world.

The festive ceremonies around cathedral’s consecration were also linked to the celebration of 1025th anniversary of the baptism of the Ukrainian people, notably Prince Volodimir the Great of Ki’evan-Rus in the Dneiper River in 988 AD. The event brought to Ukraine’s capital more than 20,000 guests and pilgrims from all over the world.

While the Ukrainians and the Russians both claim Prince Volodimir, the area where he was baptised is present day Ki’ev in Ukraine. In the Ukrainian Byzantine Rite his title is given as “Equal to the Apostles”, a title reserved for saints who had a most significant impact to the faith in the east. Bringing an entire peoples to the faith would qualify.

The Greek caption on the lower picture states “O Agios Vladimiros” or O Holy St Vladimir.


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