Inside view of the Priebke funeral from SSPX’s POV…

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Contrary to what has been reported in European drive by media, the SSPX gave a dispassionate interview on the recent funeral of former SS commandante Erich Priebke, despite the uncharitable and un Catholic “ban” imposed by the short sighted ordinary of Albano, Italy, where the deceased lived and where SSPX has it’s Rome HQ.

A rude and uncharitable frenzied mob tried to block the final funeral rites for Erich Priebke, who had renounced his role as an SS commandante and had attended Mass and the sacraments in his final years.

A short excerpt from the interview:

Q. 8. We consider the reactions from some sectors of the Catholic world to be among the most negative reactions to your decision. We were especially astonished by the rather uncharitable tone taken by the director of the Radio Maria broadcasting station, which more than any other ought to teach what mercy is. The bishop of Albano Laziale also issued very harsh statements against the Society of St. Pius X, going so far as to maintain that it is not part of the Catholic Church. What can you tell us about this?

A. Belonging to the Church is not only something purely juridical. St. Thomas Aquinas explains that the first condition for being part of the Mystical Body of Christ is faith. Unfortunately, after the Second Vatican Council, new doctrines were taught by the ecclesiastical authorities that contradicted the constant teaching of the Church. Our Society, which was regularly recognized by the Church on November 1, 1970, was then unjustly persecuted because of its opposition to those changes. Changes that then give rise to behaviors that are contrary to Catholic teaching, such as denying a funeral to a baptized person who dies reconciled with God, in order to conform to political correctness.

Again with respect to authority, the Society of St. Pius X has always opposed those errors, convinced that the greatest service that it can render to the Church is not servile conformity but rather the complete proclamation of Catholic teaching and the denunciation of everything that is opposed to it, even if it is proclaimed by a part of the hierarchy.

To assert that we are not Catholic, especially when it is done by priests who ought to know the teaching of the Church, is a sheer falsehood that might require public reparation.

On the other hand, I am aware that many Catholics and even many bishops judge us without knowing us, often on the basis of prejudices and common opinions. The bishop of Albano, whom every priest of our priory mentions every day in the Canon of the Mass as the local bishop, is always welcome among us and can find out whether in fact we are not part of the Church as he declared, perhaps imprudently.

You can read the rest of the excellent interview here…

ESH says considering all the blubbering by the liberals and modernists within the bossom of Holy Mother Church over “love, love, love”, and “chawity”, putting the true mercy and charity of Christ  into practice seems to be an insurmountable barrier for these pharasaical types.



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