No freedom of choice to oppose the Regime…

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As has been warned in many places, including here at the Klobasa Klub, the Regime of the Kenyan kommie has sent out a Dem surrogate to bring the medical corps [it’s pronounced “cor”, Barrie] in line with the diktats of self same Regime.

To wit, Kathy Murphy, a “delegate” in the Virginia Commonwealth House has called for a law making it MANDATORY that doctors treat ANY Medcaid or Medicare patients, regardless of what opposition they may have to this socialized medicine of Obamacare, regardles how it wrecks any economic model for their practice.

Maybe John Kasich of OH could quote a Biblical verse to show how this is doing a corporal work of mercy for the lowly and destitute gamblers, lottery players, alcoholics and other abusers of the medical largesse Joe Sucker taxpayer is footing more and more.

These Dems and lefty abortoholics are all for ‘freedom of choice’ when it is for killing and dismembering innocent little preborn babies with cold steel instruments or poisonous high dose steroidal abortifacients.

Or for sodomites to force down everyon’es throat to accept and bless their sewer perversion and activities.

But when it comes to violating the masonic-inspired secular man-centered religion of this crowd, FORGET IT, DOC!

Be assured, they will also hound and hunt down recalcitrant pharmacists, nurses and other health care workers, just as they have with rights of conscience. Book it, Dano!


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