Mifepristone’s correct nomenclature…

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Old habits die hard for most people. But in the world of the pro-life wars and battles we want to be armed with accurate and current information. This certainly has several benefits including shoring up credibility in a emotionally charged arena as well as truthfully and accurately informing the less informed, the low information voters (LIVs), as it were.

See the letters “MF” on the mifepristone tablets? They are there to identify the tablet as not as a shorthand for a cuss word!

In 1988, the abortion drug mifepristone (experimental name: RU 486), was approved for use in the French market and soon after in a number of other countries including Sweden and then the USA.

Etienne Emile Balieu, inventor of mifepristone, the chemical abortifacient FORMERLY known as RU 486.

The nomenclature convention for drugs is to use the experimental name until or if a drug is approved, in this case RU 486, initiated by the company Roussel Uclaf (hence the initials in the name “RU”), would now be properly called by its generic and/or trade (or brand) name, mifepristone.

In Europe it was given the trade name “Mifegyne”. In the US, the approved trade name was “Mifeprex”.

can you figure out which one is mifepristone and which one is ella?

ESH has pointed this out to various pro-lifers and pro-life leaders for YEARS, but old habits die hard, as is wont in human nature. When ESH got back a reply from a well known national pro-life leader, he was a bit shocked at the embracing of imprecision and inaccuracy by someone he respects quite a bit: “I’m using the name most ppl know. And it’s more twitter [sic] friendly.”

So what? Really? Is that what we are now? Inaccurate and imprecise so that we can be “more Twitter friendly”?  This plays directly into the hands of the enemies of the culture of life, the Klan Parenthoods, gals at NAG, NARAL, the entire list of alphabet soup lovers of baby murder.

ESH shot back and hopes this exemplary pro-lifer leader, whom he won’t name, finally gets the message, especially since it was explained in logic and dispassionately.

But don’t expect the  latter to last forever when it comes to leaders acting like LIVs on a topic that requires accuracy, purity and precision.

Everyone has been properly informed on the matter; let’s not act like “I didn’t know that” half-wits going forward, shall we?

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