Murderer Ray Lewis on lefty ESPN now…

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As if to add salt to an already very painful wound, ESPN has this year hired ex-Ratbird LB Ray Lewis, he of murderous fame that fateful night in Atlanta.

He was acquited, on a circumstantial technicality but it does not detract from his culpability, and being the low life weasel he is, he never stood tall like a man to accept his responsibility and do his time.

The pundit talk heads constantly extol his many virtues, including loving his mama and being that I-wanna-kill-ya “leader” for the team Art Modell stole from the city of Cleveland, forever changing that franchise and inserting 14 seasons of rancor and upheavel (at least we hope that stops this year).

Now ESPN, true to its PC ways, hired this misfit murderer as a commentator on Monday Night Football, on the scene last night in Green Bay, WI for the Packers loss to da Bears after QB Rogers was pancaked on his non-throwing should by a Bear during a sack.

ESPN fired Rush Limbaugh as a commentator in Oct 2003 for his (correct) opinion that the left in sports media–and they are everywhere, just check with Bob Costas–lusted for a successful black QB with its one-time man crush on  Donovan McNabb, at best an average inconsistent QB during his Philly days.  He spoke truthfully and that got leftist heads exploding and calling for his “resignation”…it was a firing!

But ESPN will hire this murderer? And one that was with the stinky Ratbirds?

Look in the dictionary for “hypocrite” and you’ll see a logo of ESPN, owned by ABC which is owned by Disney. ‘Nuff said.


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