Pope St Pius X schools the modernists…

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From the SSPX website today, more relevant the longer we are into the pontificate of Francis I, Bishop of Rome:

St Pius X exposes Modernists’ tactics

November 05, 2013
District of the US

To effectively combat an enemy, one must not only know who they are, but also their method of attack, or tactics.

Have you ever read “Modernist tactics according Pascendi Dominici Gregis?

This interesting article from 2004 by Fr. Francois Knittle outlines how St Pius X exposed the Modernists’s tactics for spreading their poison of Modernism, “the synthesis of all heresies“:

…we will emphasize what St Pius X wrote on the tactics of the Modernists. The holy Pope was worried not only about the doctrinal aspects of this question, but also about the progress of this error in minds and hearts.

This article may also help to convey a better understanding of some recently-published articles about Modernism:

For a comprehensive review of Modernism, we suggest the book, 100 Years of Modernism.


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