NYC confirms armpit of US status…

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By electing the first openly and rabidly extreme marxist big city mayor, NYC has once again confirmed why it remains the armpit of the nation.

The New York Post revealed at the last minute just before last Tuesday’s vote, that the Marxist frontrunner for mayor of New York City visited Communist Russia in 1983, when it was still the communist paradise of the USSR. But the paper’s bizarre cover headline, “Back in the USSR,” complete with a hammer-and-sickle, seemed to make a mockery of the discovery.

International communism, which easily has claimed more than 100 million lives, is not a laughing matter, nor just the subject of a poking-fun-at 1968 song by the Beatles.

Described by minimally watched CNN as the “unabashed liberal,” de Blasio is actually way to the left of Barack Obama, in the sense that de Blasio didn’t disavow his communist background once it came to light. At least Obama tried to cover up his ties to communist Frank Marshall Davis.

NYC deserves what it gets just like the liberal Bloomberg it had for many years, a man who took the moniker “Nanny State” to a new level with soda pop and trans fats.



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