Don’t expect a govt-funded holocaust museum for these any time soon…

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Where is the government funded Holocaust Museum for the tens of millions of Ukrainian Christians starved by the atheistic communist government of the USSR in the 1930s?

Guess not likely, guv’nor, since that is not PC. They were murdered by communists, not Nazis, so ESH guesses they don’t qualify. Not an influential enough of a lobbying group if you write your name in Cyrillic, eh?

Add that to more than 20 million Christians who died one way or another with the various communist revolutions during and after WW II and you may just get a small idea of what went on behind the Iron and Bamboo Curtains.

We may not see such an occurrence under the Regime of the Kenyan kommie, but psychological and insurance persecution can be just as deadly. Witness the immoral and directly anti-Catholic diktat from O’Bama and Sebelius on health insurance. Recent stories show the very sick–such as cancer patients–will die by neglect and dropped coverage. It’s so much less messy than death panels, don’t you think?


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