An idiot is born…

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Well, he’s not a star. He used to be an NBA player. Then he became a sports talking head, a liberal ESPNer, most likely due to his color, because we know there’s very little grey matter between the ears. And the Disneyites at ESPN are always bending over backward to seem un-racist, inclusive and totally PC with the Regime’s program.

And the shade(s) of the grey matter is not certainly manifest.

Charles Barkley, ever the leftist racist, has shown his sensitive side again and admitted he uses the N-word (hush, none dare say it except to their black friends!) on what seems to be a regular basis.

Guess he, Rev. Mmm Jacksuhn, Al Sharpton and all the other offended shake down artists can now relax and have a friendly tet-a-tet with Sir Charles.

This proves yet again, life is hard, it’s even hard when you’re stupid, and stupid remains as not unconstitutional.

Court is adjourned!


One thought on “An idiot is born…

    Frank J. Nice said:
    November 16, 2013 at 14:20

    Unfortunately, most of the idiots are voters.

    Frank J. Nice, RPh, DPA, CPHP

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