Trib: When in a hole, stop digging…

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Wow! The lefty perennial Chicago Tribune, cheerleader for the Kenyan kommie in his two “elections” has done a volte face that is similar to other seismic shifts recently: it called for the total dismantling of socialized medicine, or Obamacare, and starting over.

Hey Trib! We do’t need to start over! Just leave the marketplace alone and it will do the most efficient and cost-eefective job.

What is needed is some serious tort reform on medical liabaility and malpractice, which has caused the high level of angst and litigation in medicine for 30+ years.

That and a few other areas need some tweaking. Not a wholesale takeover and–now, so it seems–decontruction of the best health care system in the world.

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Further, Sen K Gillebrand, succesor to Hilary the Ugly in the Senate, fully admitted on Dems knew the Kenyan was lying all along during yesterday’s ABC This Week show.


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