Census faked data for Kenyan’s election…

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The US census bureau has been caught red handed via a brave whistle blower–who remains anonymous for the moment–at having faked unemployment data last fall before and in anticipation of the Nov 2012 presidential election. The employee has agreed to testify before Congress on the matter, should he or she be asked to do so.

The Regime feared bad unemployment numbers would hurst its chances for so-called “re-election”. The first election of the Kenyan kommie remains in dispute by many parties due to a lack of hard evidence of the alleged birth of O’Bama in Hawai’i.

Census appears to have looked into only a handful of instances of falsification by Buckmon, although more than a dozen instances were reported, according to internal documents.

In one document from the probe, Program Coordinator Joal Crosby was ask in 2010, “Why was the suspected … possible data falsification on all (underscored) other survey work for which data falsification was suspected not investigated by the region?”

Many other questions remain as scandal after scandal paints a Regime where the standard is mendacity rather than any semblance of truth.



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