Exposing the homo agenda in the Church…

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Author and investigative reporter par excellence Randy Engel  recaps some of the important points about the Lavendar Mafia and the homosexual agenda in the Church in a recent “Open Letter to Pope Francis” which was published last week at a regular column she offers on RenewAmerica.

In that letter, she outlines the myriad problems with the homosexualist agenda, and suggests the establishment of a a “Papal Commission of Inquiry into Homosexuality, Pederasty and La Lobby Gay in the Catholic Church”. The link in this paragraph gives a detailed discussion of the letter.

You can read the whole letter here.

                                Defrocked former Scottish Cardinal Keith O’Brien

Then last week comes the news bombshell book of Fr Matthew Despard doing his own details about the Lavendar Mafia in Scotland, a country still reeling from the resignation of pervert homosexual and child sex abuser, former Cardinal O’Brien. Pope Francis–or Bishop of Rome Francis as he prefers–has stated publicly he won’t be appointing ANY bishops to Scotland until the perversion scandal is fully investigated. We shall see.

Here, Monsignor Ricca is seen expressing in tangible way his appreciation to the Bishop of Rome.

Recall, a few months ago he appointed well known sodomite Ricca (above with Pope Francis) to the scandal ridden Vatican Bank.

And Mrs Engel is not the only one making these points. Here’s a list of books/articles that have been published over the years–certainly not comprehesive–each documenting the problems with active homosexuality in the clergy.
1982: +Fr Enrique Rueda’s ground-breaking book, The Homosexual Network
2002: Michael Rose, Good-by, Good Men
2006: Randy Engel Rite of Sodomy (5 volumes)
2013: Fr. Dariusz Oko, Ph.D., With the Pope Against Homoheresy
2013: Fr. Matthew Despard, Priesthood in Crisis
While we most certainly have to pray, fast and offer alms to ask for reparation for these moral crimes, we also have to inform ourselves, other faithful and defend the flock and unchanging teachings of Holy Mother Church, if and since, those who should do so are neglecting their duty.

One thought on “Exposing the homo agenda in the Church…

    Frank J. Nice said:
    November 19, 2013 at 13:28

    Post ran big story about homo-Catholics and group called Dignaty-something with praise for Pope Frank’s pro-homosexual position!

    Frank J. Nice, RPh, DPA, CPHP

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