Stand your ground overwhelming support in OH…

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Despite the whining yesterday of OH House Minority Leader Tracy Maxwell Heard of Columbus, the “stand your ground” law continues to move ahead in the state of OH.

The lib Dems were all pretty much opposed and those who defend the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution were for it. Not surprisingly so. Some libs just lose vision and reading ability when it comes to the parts of the Constitution that they DON’T like or agree with.

House Bill 203, a multifaceted gun bill, passed the House 62-27 yesterday and now goes to the Senate. Protestors in the balcony disrupted the session for a short time. Last time I did basic math that is around a 70%–overwhelming–majority. A moment of silence for the public school grads who did not get this concept taught in grade school or high school. Here are some gun facts rather than a lot of drivel and emotion…

More gun facts:

Franklin County (Columbus area) lawmakers broke along party lines, except for Rep Heather Bishoff, D-Blacklick–an east side suburb of Columbus–who supported it. Rep Anne Gonzales, R-Westerville, was absent.

The bill changes Ohio’s self-defense law so that as long as a person is in a place he or she is lawfully allowed to be, the person has no duty to retreat before using deadly force in defense of one’s self, another person or one’s property. This makes sense to right thinking inidividuals who see crime increasingly more violent and more divided along racial lines with the continual divide and conquer mechanics of the Kenyan kommie and his Regime.

Some Democrats, including Rep. Alicia Reece of Cincinnati–seen above–president of the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus, called it a “kill at will” bill that would lead to deaths. She used a prop to play to the “Trayvon Martin” sentiment, but forgets a jury acquitted George Zimmerman, his public antics to the contrary notwithstanding since. She failed to mention the Skittles are used by drug heads to put in Robitussin DM to get a better “buzz”. Don’t let small details get in the way of spinning a propaganda myth.

Rep Terry Johnson responded, “What about a life that can be saved?”

Oops! Don’t let that get in the way of leftist agit-prop.

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