More negative side effects with abortifacient OCs…

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The bad news dept just never sleeps when it comes to the magic Pill of the 1960s, the so-called oral “contraceptive” a cause for legal action for false advertising/deception/mendacity if there ever was one.

Contrary to its marketing name, OCs are in fact often preventing implantation in the endometrium of junior, and so thus are more accurately listed as “abortifacients” (pron. ah-bort-eh-faysh-ents).

Here’s the latest from Medscape, a subsidiary of Web MD which, it was learned last week, has garnered millions of $$$ from HHS to some promo of Obamacare on the QT, is that OCs have been shown to cause glaucoma. Talk about irony on the phrase  “I’ll do it till I need glasses”, eh?

Oral Contraceptives Linked to Glaucoma

This is in addition to all the serious and, at times, life threatening side effects of these high dose, potent steroids, including, but not limited to: various cancers including breats and endometrial, clots, stroke, heart attack, altitude sickness, liver maladies, cysts, gall stones, migraines, hirsutism (hair growth as in the types chicks don’t care for), sterility both temporary and permanent, and so forth. Click this for even more details.






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