Rapists can easily buy abortifacient Plan B…

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ESH, Pharmer and a number of others in the cultural wars have warned lay people for many years that with continually easier availability of abortifacients, now by judicial fiat to any female at any age without a prescription via OTC.

Students for Life of America has released a new undercover video showing an employee suggesting ways a 33-yr-old could for a “15-yr-old girl” to take the abortifacient against her will.

In pharmacies in Ohio, Virginia, New York, and South Carolina, the man – who would be considered a statutory rapist under all relevant state laws – says he is purchasing Plan B One Step because he does not want the teen girl’s parents to find out about the pregnancy.

In at least one pharmacy, the man said the minor did not want to have an abortion, but he was going to trick her into consuming the abortifacient so-called “morning-after” pill anyway.

Footage shows the purported rapist and a male pharmacy employee discussing ways to put the drug into her drink against her wishes. And under Obamacare, these abortifacients will be free to the users and abusers, courtesy of Joe Sucker Taxpayer.


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