Hypocrite libs cover up animal abuse by lib movie makers…

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A tsunami of scandal is being unleashed and the kaka is hitting the fan as Internet legend expose reporter Matt Drudge has cobbled together a bunch of otherwise ignored electronic reports about the level and intensity of animal abuse occurring in Hollywood movies, typically being controlled, produced, financed and otherwise under the thumb of limousine libs who hypocritically would be howling if someone the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Bush 43 or Sarah Palin were involved in any remote way.


But, then, talentless Tina Fae–who showed her racists, ageist side once again last night–may end up without work, tis true.

The American Humane (sic) Association is typically the usual suspect “non profit” protecting the like of movie house front offices, Steven Speilberg, and other nefarious otherwise loony animal rights wackos. The chief chick from AHA, Gina Johnson, was reportedly intimately involved with a high-ranking production exec on Life of Pi, where the real Bengal tiger nearly drowned in one staged scene.

Here’s just a few of the links on the Drudge Report today:

Judge for yourself, folks.

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