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Surprise! As an unneeded and unwelcome Christmas gift (yes, ESH did use the C-word!) the Regime is switching people from less expensive to costly health insurance plans, at times without their knowledge or approval, Daily Caller is reporting.

Some people get switched automatically to more expensive insurance plans under Obamacare

Not too worry! Dear Leader is out and about doing the one and only thing that he truly does do well: campaigning for his failing and failed socialized health plan, Obamacare.

Some people are getting switched to new expensive health insurance plans under Obamacare might not even be aware of it — until it’s too late.

If you have an insurance plan that isn’t compatible with the so-called pejorative laden “Affordable Care Act”, your insurance company might be automatically rolling you into the plan “most similar” to your own, whether you approve or not, whether you know it or not.

The Kenyan kommie continues to whine and cry on his campaign tour that the wascally Wepublicans won’t give him an alternative. Maybe because he is tone deaf.
They have given dozens of alternatives, the best of which is: the free market, repeal Obamacare, tort reform and some minor changes that could assist some folks including more robust HSA type accounts and some inclusion of coverage of pre-existing diseases, albeit with the corresponding population based risk pooling of premiums.

And, of course, no masonic-inspired diktat for mandatory coverages and $0 copays for abortifacients, so-called “contraceptives” often posing as abortifacients, sterilizations and any other items offensive or violating sincerely held religious beliefs, regardless of who the party is, whether a religious-run organization or a for-profit Catholic family business .

Dittos on rights of conscience for all healthcare workers and ancillary personnel to not be compelled into any form of conscience or religious violation types activites.

One thought on “Surprise!

    Frank J. Nice said:
    December 4, 2013 at 09:41

    Pro-homosexual article (of course, one of several) of pro-homosexual “Catholic” group gesticulating as to why a Catholic priest denied gays from interrupting his service in opposition to Pope Frankie’s pro-homosexual position.

    You can see where this has been going–the slippery slope to the End Times with the Harlot riding the Beast.

    Frank J. Nice, RPh, DPA, CPHP

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