Anti-Catholic bigot Gee gonna be a Mountaineer!

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Well known ex-president of Ohio State University, G Gordon Gee is reportedly set to take over as interim president of West Virginia University.

Gee is the anti-Catholic bigot who has made repeated gaffs in slamming “those damn Catholics” who he says one cannot trust during the week. He also made fun of the well known Little Sisters of the Poor a couple years ago, then tried to buy their forgiveness with a more-than-transparent bribe, er, donation. He served two stints as OSU’s president–fired earlier this year after his latest anti-Catholic gaff– and one as the president of both Vanderbilt and Brown Universities in successive jobs before landing back at OSU.

West Virginie is that kind of place that should welcome a follower of the Mormon cult like Gee, who eschews the decorum suited to the office of a university CEO by his goofy antics to be funny, wearing 1950s style bow ties and that loveable, smart-ass grin.

Good riddance to bad rubbish! The Mountaineers will tar and feather that not-so-good-ol-boy first time he gets out of line with a hillbilly joke about down in the holler.

And this way, he’s gone from the OSU payroll–where he remains to the day– in case he makes another gaff should the school prevail and be in the national football championship game this year in SoCal.



One thought on “Anti-Catholic bigot Gee gonna be a Mountaineer!

    […] There was no immediate anti-Catholic quip about these good nuns from bigot and interim WVU prez Gordon Gee. […]

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