Communist Mandela goes home to…where?

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The non-stop lionization of the late departed communist Nelson Mandela, who enjoyed being in the spot light as much as the Kenyan kommie, should make any right-thinking person pause and reflect on the matter.

Why would a drive by state run media, unanimously praise, adore and worship a mere man who singlehandedly helped take South Africa from a relatively wealthy and resource-laden country and turn it into the open cancer sore of what looks like multiplicities of economic and cultural basket cases in the US (e.g. Detroit, Newark, etc)?

That same drive by media is non-stop to inveigh against anything Catholic, Christian, pro-life, pro-normal family, conservative, Tea Party-ish and the like, but here they are non-stop heaping on the kaka like a farmer feverishly gettting ready for winter.

Pro-life leaders have cautioned Catholic leaders from lionizing this abortoholic communist, all of it falling on deaf ears, including (surprise!) Pope Francis, Cdl Dolan inter alia.

In 2007, Mandela announced ‘The Elders’ as a global council of retired world leaders who would give behind the scenes advice and direction to government officials and rulers around the world. The proposal was received by pro-life leaders as being of great concern since its membership formed a ‘who’s who of the pro-abortion and pro-population-control movements.

While during his life, Mandela denied being part of the communist party despite his friendly interaction with communist world leaders, the African National Congress revealed today that Mandela was in fact a high-ranking member of the Communist Party.

“Madiba was also a member of the South African Communist Party, where he served in the Central Committee,” said the ANC release.

From Fr FC, a trad priest:

“So now with the death of the 95 year old Nelson Mandela, many Catholic bishops, priests, religious and laity are ignoring the fact that Mandela promoted murdering of the babies in the womb, homosexuality and population control.  All of these three actions are condemned by the Bible and the Catholic Church.

“As president of South Africa, Mandela signed into law the most liberal abortion law in 1996 (Choice on Terminating of Pregnancy Bill).  It replaced one of the best laws that protected the unborn in the world there in South Africa.  He also taught that it was discrimination of sexual orientation to not support homosexuality.  He widely promoted the use of condoms.

“I acknowledge his work to end racial discrimination.  But, he played right into the hands of racist and eugenist by supporting abortion and population control.  Margaret Sanger was a racist and gave talks to KKK women [ESH note: recall the “Negro Project” of Sanger and her trips in the 1930s to Nazi Germany to teach Hitler’s people how eugenics works?]

Margaret Sanger and KKK

“The whole population control movement is none other that to socially engineer genes of society to “weed out” races because they are close to the monkeys we evolved from.  This all began with Charles Darwin’s concept of evolution where he showed how humans evolved from chimps and that the aryan race is the highest evolved race.  So now that this was discovered by Darwin, it was society’s duty to purify the human race of minorities, the poor and defective humans.  This is the reason for Hitler’s motto “Mien Kampf” (My Struggle to purify the Aryan race).   Please study on Margaret Sanger and Hitler on eugeni[cs].

“Mandela was also a communist.  Never forget that atheist communism is responsible for 125 million people being slaughtered.  Why would anyone want to honor a communist?  Do they love social justice?  Where is the social justice for the people suffering right now in China and North Korea.  Five young women went to the White House to protest that their fathers are in prison in China for being activists.  Satellite pictures show where the forced labor camps are in North Korea right today.  Do we really care about what is happening right now under communism?  Many of the detainees are executed by harvesting their organs and then being sold to people who need organ transplants.”


Father FC is correct in his assessments.  You won’t hear the cheers and singing of traditional Catholic hymns in support of his view.

Here is Mandela with fellow commies, showing his solidarity and support for the economic and religious philosophy that has been responsible for mass killings of >125 million in the last century. He always gave the “black power” salute the Black Panthers absconded from militant communists.

So, let us not fall into the trap of lionizing this man, as have religious and political leaders who think like Mandela in many ways. Dittos for Catholic and other religious leaders joining the band wagon, in fear, trepidation and ignorance. Just because all the lemmings are headed off the cliff, doesn’t make it right, nor does it mean you should follow to plunge to your own (spiritual) death.

Communist Mandela has gone home. Only not to the “ages” as said the Kenyan kommie on 5 December. Only the unknowable depths of the eternal God’s mercy could save him from the eternal damnation he chose in his earthly life.


One thought on “Communist Mandela goes home to…where?

    Kenneth Fisher said:
    December 7, 2013 at 20:58


    Thank you for lending the voice of a Catholic churchman (priest) to this discussion. It brings tears to me to read the praises of this man coming from shepherds, including thee shepherd of the Church, heaped on this poor soul who is now “enjoying” the fruits of his work!

    Have you seen the video of what his “leadership” has done to a city at one time the pride of Africa?

    May God have mercy on an amoral Amerika!
    Viva Cristo Rey!
    God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
    Kenneth M. Fisher, Founding Director
    Concerned Roman Catholics of America, Inc

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