No hablemos?

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It seems the radical “reformers” in the Church have shot themselves in the foot once again.

As they perform their version of Mao’s “great leap forward”, the modernists within the bosom and sinews of Holy Mother Church have done an outstanding job…of having Hispanics LEAVE the Catholic Church in droves, most especially where the Church is now the biggest population wise, in Latin America and the US.

Here’s some of the US data from this survey:

  • 69% of those surveyed claimed to be Catholic in their childhood,
  • only 53% are still Catholic at an adult age in 2013. At the same time,
  • the number of Hispanics of the Protestant Evangelical (heretical sects) profession has increased over the same period, going from 7% to 13%. The study also showed
  • an increase in Hispanics with no religious affiliation:
  • 5% had no religious affiliation as children, and
  • 12% as adults.

Certainly the more “black and white” hard truths conveyed to our Hispanic brethren by fundamentalist Protestant groups is diametrically opposed to the namby pamby milquetoast non-judgemental pablum of the conciliar modernists who never want to point out the reality hard truths: sin, man’s fallen nature, the salvific nature of God’s freely given grace to believers in His only Son, Our Lord, God and Redeemer Jesus Christ, the final four truths of death, judgment, heaven and hell. And so the heretical cults have thrived and prospered in places like Brazil and the Holy Father’s homeland of Argentina, while the Catholic Church contracts by all meaningful and impactful demographics and statistical data.

No hablamo Espanol? Way to go modernists and libs! Smooth move, Ex-Lax!


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