Ukraines finish the job, down goes Vlad Ulyanov…

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A Ukrainian protester slams a toppled monument of Vladimir Lenin in Kiev, Ukraine, on Sunday, December 8. Ukrainians occupied the square to denounce President Viktor Yanukovich's decision to turn away from Europe and align this ex-Soviet republic with Russia, as protests continued for a third week.

A beefy Ukrainian shows the DIY crowd how it’s done: the nearly one MILLION Ukrainian protestors in Kiev yesterday decided to rid themselves of the prominent statue of Vladimir Illyich Ulyanov, also later known by his fake name as the first head of the communist USSR, Lenin.

A crowd of cheering protesters chanted “Good job” after the statue fell in Kiev’s Bessarabska Square.

Some pounded the monument with hammers, leaving pieces of the statue scattered on the ground. Only parts of the Soviet hero’s legs remained at the base. A man waving a Ukrainian flag stood atop the pedestal beside them.

“This is the end of Soviet occupation,” the party’s Twitter account said. “End of (the) regime of shame and humiliation.”

Numerous statues of Lenin, one of the leaders of the 1917 Russian Revolution, have been removed from Kiev in recent years.

The Communist Party decried the attack on the statue Sunday. Boo hoo hoo! They never did like anyone competing in the arena of ideas with them. That’s how they were able to murder >125 million innocent citizens in commie paradises in the past century.

The toppling of the statue on Sunday came as nearly 1 million  protesters took to the streets of Kiev, according to some estimates, piling more pressure on Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych to resign after he turned away from integration with Europe and the EU.

Kiev suspended talks with the European Union last month, angering many Ukrainians who say an EU agreement would have opened borders to trade and set the stage for modernization and inclusion. Yanukovych instead is said to have turned to the Russian federation for cheap natural gas and other trade credits instead.

Congrats to the freedom and God loving Ukrainians who have unsaddled the yoke of the oppressive communists and seek ties with the EU and the West rather than the Russians, who helped starve 14 million Ukrainians during the Holodomur in the 1930s.


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