Komrads getting together, CNN info-babe purrs…

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Fellow kommies got together today in South Africa for the memorial of communist and abortoholic Nelson Mandela.

True to form, Amerikka’s Kenyan kommie was caught gleefully glad handing with fellow komrad, Raul Castro, who now runs the people’s paradise in economic basket case Cuba these days.

“Castro, he’s shaking hands with Raúl Castro,” said an ebullient and excited lefty info-babe, Christiane Amanpour.

“As Christiane points out, President Obama just shook hands with Raúl Castro from Cuba,” Chris Cuomo explained. Wow! The coverage is making ESH breathless. Chris Matthews has a leg tingle.

Amanpour says of Mandela, “This is a man, it is so true, who brought people together in life and he continues to bring people together today.” Soon after it could be seen they were passing out vomit bags.


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