Dingy Harry, Dems panicking…

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Abortoholic Dem Senate leader Dingy Harry Reid is in a panic. He knows the Dems are about to lose up to 9 or 10 seats in the Senate during the mid-term elections in Nov 2014, putting them squarely back as the minority party that they are.

 - You tourists stink! - Go ahead make my day!

Their “Majority PAC” has just spent $1.4 million pumping up lost cause Kay Hagen, D-NC. He poll numbers remain underwater despite a month blitz of radio ads. Guess they think they can just buy everyone’s one which they don’t steal in places like Chciago, Cleveland and Philly.

Wrong, Dingy!

Get ready to enjoy your long deserved retirement into the abyss of nothingness, somewhere near the sole traffic light in Stoplight, NV. Maybe you can work out another one of those sweet land deals.


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