WSJ: Paragard, Mirena, Skyla IUDs making comeback despite lawsuits galore…

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The IUD is making a comeback more than 30 years after a generation of women was scared away from the so-called “birth-control device” by the faulty Dalkon Shield, reports the WSJ today. AH Robins, maker of the Dalkon, ended up paying out around $8.7 billion.

The IUD fell from favor in the late 1970s after the Dalkon Shield IUD became the target of highly publicized lawsuits claiming it caused pelvic infection and infertility. Manufacturer AH Robins Co. pulled the product from the market in 1974 after more than 300,000 Shield-related lawsuits. The company paid $8.7 billion to plaintiffs and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1985. The crumbs were scooped up by Ayerst and, eventually, Pfizer.

Guess that would be dittos for the 1000s of lawsuits against newer IUDs such as Paragard, Mirena and the newly approved Skyla.

This year, the US Food and Drug Administration approved Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals’ Skyla, the first new intrauterine device on the market in 13 years. Planned Parenthood has launched a nationwide campaign in its clinics promoting a copper IUD as the most effective form of so-called “emergency contraception”, which government and abortoholic speak for “abortion”.

One baby who escaped this IUD initially after conception, only to have it perforate his tiny body and kill him like a sword or lance

Because that’s what all IUDs are at the end of the day. Either by mechanical or chemical means, the vast majority of “effectiveness rates” are measured in terms of babies aborted after creation.

The makers and the federal government all agree one of the chief mechanisms of action of IUDs is preventing implantation of a newly created baby in mom’s endometrium, and they say so in their official package inserts and the Federal Register. [cf 21 CFR 801.427].

ESH hears IUDs are running between $300-$500 not including insertion costs, office visit costs nor the millions of costs from deleterious side effects of these devices of death.


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