Feminazis desecrate another Catholic Church…

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Violent, bigoted, intolerant, heterophobe, Christophobe feminazis again invaded another Catholic Church in an ongoing “War on Catholicsm” sponsored by various kook and fringe groups from the left.

They desecrated the sanctuary where the Sacred Species is kept in the Tabernacle, for those seeking a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

After proper re-consecration of the altar and area, an exorcism, they’ll also need a full fumigation and detailing to get the smell out of that holy place. Fabreze just won’t cut it. says ESH.

Pro-abortion feminists are not happy that the European Parliament rejected a bill that would have called abortion a human right. In response, in protest, they invaded a local Catholic church in Italy and unfurled a abortoholic banner on the church’s altar.

Since it happened in Italy, they may need extra Glade owing to no shaving of the armpits of feminazis, significant body odor and a paucity of deoderant/antiperspirant. Just sayin’!



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