Juxtaposed outside the shadow of truth…

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That would be a very good way to describe the situation of the Franciscans of the Immaculate (FI) and the mendacity going on with their “commissioner” Volpi and the untruthful story about them last week in Catholic World Report.

So says the informative blog Rorate-Caeli, and ESH agrees.

Commissioner Fr. Volpi, who has brought the interdiction upon the FI, at the order of Pope Francis

The Comish has also threatened to withold the Sacraments from those signing a petition asking for his autocratic imposition of unreasonable and uncharitable interdicts against Tradition at FI. And, since he was installed directly by the Pope, it seems Volpi has Francis’s blessing, actual or implicit.

ESH thought the drivel “love, love, love” of the liberal modernists precludes “using Holy Communion as a weapon”? So says the fave American appointee of the Pope, “Donna” Cardinal Wuerl of Washington, DC. He’s never met an abortoholic politician he didn’t like, nor a sacrilege except that perped by Traditionalists doing what Catholics have always done, everywhere and always. C’mon, Comish! Have a heart! For God’s sakes, it’s almost Christmas!


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