Hypocrites at A&E reinstate Phil, call for ‘tolerance’…

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That which they did not give, they now seek from their viewers and, especially, their advertisers. Tolerance and respect.

That’s the hypocrites at A&E which quietly reinstated Phil of Duck Dynasty fame and for calling out the sick perversion of the sodomites a few weeks ago. Guess that shows the might of the pen as millions of viewers were able to be heard over the effeminate babble of a few sodomites squeeling about Phil’s love of God and the truths in the Bible, including Romans which speaks directly about the sinful nature of sodomy and adultery.

Let that be a lesson to the left and their fellow travellers. BTW, Chick-Phil-A Day is still set for Jan 21st. Come show your support for Phil and normal sexuality by buying a huge sack of good food at the wholesome Chick-Fil-A restaurants in your locale.

ESH is just hankering for some of those tenders and waffle fries!


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