PMS-NBC panelist now lies about “misrepresentation” of hate…

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Gotta love the left. When caught red handed, they will lie with no shame and no compunction. Like their father the devil.

Marc Lamont Hill, the other token black on the PMS-NBC show that ridiculed the unselfish Romney clan pic last Sunday.

He now states he’s being “misrepresented”….really, Lamont? Are you a meathead too? The widely available video of the show clearly shows Melissa hyphenated what’s her feminazi name belittling the adopted child of Ben Romney and his wife, and the piling on by Lamont (not of Sanford & Son fame) of the token “black person” in the picture as if something evil was lurking.


Katie Pavlich creamed this lowlife twit on Twitter, the entire exchange can be read here...

Please explain how making a child part of a loving family is “hauling out a black person” @marclamonthill

Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) December 31, 2013

Oh yes. That happened. You see, Marc Lamont Hill trotted out a defense for PMS-NBC’s despicable mockery of the Romneys’ adopted grandson. Racism is sidesplitting! And totally cool because, “hauling out a black person” or something.

Good guys 2, PMS-NBC Libs 0. Going home punked like the Squeelers did last weekend.




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