Start the new count: 1st abortion mill closes in 2014…

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Start the count: the first abortion mill closed in 2014. Oh, the baby killing doctor did say “temporary” suspension of executions, but when someone disconnects the phone and vacates the rented premises, put a fork in him, he’s done.

The Ft. Wayne Women’s Health Center in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, is the first surgical abortion clinic to officially shut down in 2014 following a record-breaking year where 87 surgical abortion clinics permanently closed. On top of that 6 chemical abortion mills closed. Mind you, 75-80% of all US abortions are now chemical, so surgical ones are only a small portion of the real slaughter and Holocaust.

Read more about those details and stats here….

Pharmer tells us: Looking for a bright spot in 2013? Record breaking abortion clinic closures occurred in this year, says Operation Rescue.  87 surgical and 6 chemical abortion facilities were shuttered.  This leaves 582 surgical and 177 chemical abortion facilities remaining, a total of 757 abortion mills in the US. Read her analysis here…

Abortionist Ulrich George Klopfer has told the press that the closure is a “hiatus” after he lost his hospital back-up physician and could not legally operate after January 1. However, there is reason to believe the closure could eventually become permanent.

A closure notice appears on his web site and the phone number to his clinic has been disconnected, actions that usually indicate there is no intention of reopening.

Baby killer Ulrich Klopfer:


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