Orthodox Church gives guidance on baptism of “surrogate” children…

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The Russian Orthodox church issued a document following its recent Holy Synod Dec 25-26, 2013 on the baptism of children born from the irregular arrangements of “surrogate mothers”, ESH has learned.

[ESH note: The Russian religious calendar follows the old Julian calendar which has 13 days difference (so Christmas is Jan 7 and not Dec 25th like it is for those who follow the newer Gregorian calendar).]

The conclusion is key:

“A child born with the assistance of “surrogate motherhood” can be Baptized according to the wishes of the party that will be raising it, if such are either its “biological parents” or its “surrogate mother,” only after they have recognized that, from the Christian point of view, such reproductive technology is morally reprehensible and have borne ecclesial repentance – regardless of whither they ignored the Church’s position consciously or unconsciously. Only in this case can the Church expect that the Baptized child will be brought up in the Orthodox faith and that Christian moral concepts will be instilled in it. If such recognition does not occur, then the question of Baptism is deferred until the child can make a conscious personal choice of its own. In the latter case, the fact of “surrogate birth” in and of itself is not an obstacle for one’s Baptism, since one is not responsible for the behavior of one’s parents.”

Lest the Orthodox Church be accused of insensitivity, the Synod included the common caveat that salvation of souls is the ultimate good, learned from its days of being in union with the Catholic Church:  In cases of mortal danger, it is blessed to Baptize infants regardless of the circumstances of their birth.

Wonder if Pope Francis will “make a mess” following this thoughtful lead by a schismatic church?

We know he is thumbing his nose again at Christian norms, with  the pope hoping to attain a “new balance,” he has rushed to set up an “extraordinary synod” so Catholics can air their opinions and frustrations about these divisive sex-related issues, most notaably abortion, contraception, sterilization and homosexual perversion.

Given Francis’s penchant for NOT using precise language in discussing matters of faith and morals (where he IS the one to judge, according to the Vatican I dogmatic documents), what can the faithful, under assault on all fronts by the ravenous wolves of the world and amoral, unbelieving secular society, hope for from their shepard?

More sniping and pulling of the rug from under their feet? Chiding for trying to live out the unchanging faith? Lack of “obsession” with murder of the preborn and perverted sodomy undermining all order of family life?


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