O’Bama, Holder continue to bully Little Sisters, war on Catholic women…

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The Kenyan kommie and his henchman in the Dept of Injustice, continue their bully war against the very charitable and humble Little Sisters of the Poor, and by extension, their war on Catholic Women.

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Holder is fighting the LSP in court, seeking to impose the HHS diktat on the nuns who have committed the crime of truly caring for the physical and spiritual needs of society’s “throw aways”, the poor, the handicapped, the infirm in their unique facilities around the country.

Though he’s had plenty of opportunities to compromise on his overreaching and hubris-laden contraceptive mandate, President O’Bama has defiantly refused them all. Now he’s fighting a group of tiny nuns in US Supreme Court.

The O’Bama argument is astounding. The gist is that the nuns really aren’t “religious enough” to qualify for the church exemption, as if a crypto-Mohammedan should act as religious arbiter in a land that brags at having no religious tests for the public square.

The Regime of the Kenyan kommie backs up that position with hefty fines for the Little Sisters if they don’t cave. They won’t. For example, just for their home in Denver, CO, where there are 67 employees, it could run to $6,700 a day. That’s money the Little Sisters simply don’t have.

Founded by St Jeanne Jugan, of France, the order is now worldwide. The Congregation received diocesan approval on May 29, 1852. It was recognized as a Pontifical Institute by Blessed Pope Pius XI on July 9, 1854. Pope Leo XIII approves the Constitutions of the Little Sisters of the Poor for a period of seven years on March 1, 1879. By then there are 2,400 Little Sisters in 9 countries.

By the 1950s the Congregation has 52 homes for the aged across the United States. With the passage of the Life Safety Code and the dawn of stricter nursing home regulations in the 1960s, nearly all the homes must be replaced. Some are combined, others closed, but many are rebuilt. Today they have 30 homes for the needy elderly in the United States and one in Canada.

And all that without government handouts, an overpaid and top heavy unionized bureaucracy, the way charity was meant to be, one on one, without the disinterested and uncatechized multiplicity of regulations and directors to gum up the true works of charity, faith and hope.

These tender, loving women, are the object of scorn and hate by the Regime that continues its War on Catholic Women.


One thought on “O’Bama, Holder continue to bully Little Sisters, war on Catholic women…

    Frank J. Nice said:
    January 8, 2014 at 09:44

    The guy is certainly not enlightened by the Holy Spirit.

    Only by the Grace of God go we. PTL!

    Frank J. Nice, RPh, DPA, CPHP

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