The Francis Way: new Cardinal accepts mark from pagan Hindus…

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Newly elevated Vincent Cardinal Nichols at a Hindu Temple–was he imitating John Paul II when he was in India? Who is ESH to judge?

The text of the original message sent out by Archbishop Nichols’ own
archdiocesan office seems to explain what he was doing at that Hindu temple:
“offering flowers at the altar of Hindu deities.” That says in his own words
what he was doing.

Later that phrase was removed from the website text by his
office because ESH is sure Nichols did not want people to think he really did do
such a thing. Otherwise, if it were not a problem or an obvious source
of scandal for the faithful, the archdiocese would’ve
left the the text as is, as it was originally written.

Are the faithful to nuance every detail about the pagan Hindu religion? No, that’s the job of the seminary theologically trained clerics, to not give what is a patently overt scandal of indifferentism and an apparent, even if not interiorly held, violation of the First Commandment, that there is no other god but the Triune Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, three persons in one god. All other gods are of the devil, says St Paul.

Let’s face it class: things are pretty bad when events like this happen
and when the faithful meekly accept them. ESH will not, and he encourages other
loyal, faithful Catholics to not allow faulty, weak pastors to throw open
the gate so the ravenous wolves can consume the unwitting flock.

What’s next? Making nice-nice with the head of the Church of England and the Grand Master of the Freemasons in the UK, the Duke of Kent?


3 thoughts on “The Francis Way: new Cardinal accepts mark from pagan Hindus…

    […] course, these same neo-cons have no problem with pagan markings on new cardinals by Hindus nor of cardinals getting re-baptized by <gasp> female protestant ministers. Anything smelling […]

    Frank J. Nice said:
    January 14, 2014 at 09:12

    I cannot even walk by these places without getting creepy, Satanic feelings!

    Frank J. Nice, RPh, DPA, CPHP

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    Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2014 14:03:01 +0000 To:

      eastsidehunky responded:
      January 14, 2014 at 09:41

      Dr Frank:
      A local tertiary Franciscan is always apologetic and ‘splaining and helping for the Pope’s off the cuff weird comments, and had this to add:

      “We need to be careful about what we are ASSUMING! Especially in regards to the good Archbishop, Our Vicar in Christ, and Blessed John Paul II. So we are clear on the facts and what is happening here…………….Blessed John Paul II DID NOT receive the Mark of Shiva. He received “a traditional Indian form of greeting known as ‘Aarti,’ which has no more religious significance than a handshake in western culture or giving someone a wreath of flowers as a welcome in Hawaii.” The woman who greeted him was NOT a Hindu priestess but a married CATHOLIC woman. [ESH knows there are gender benders but the dude giving Nichols his “mark” is clearly male, not a chick.]

      “The picture below shows Archbishop Nichols receiving NOT the Mark of Shiva (which would be three lines drawn on the forehead) but a traditional Hindu style greeting “with a red vermillion mark applied to the forehead and the tying of a sacred thread on the wrist, symbolizing friendship and goodwill.”

      “I am the first to warn others about the dangers of New Age, Hinduism, Yoga and such but I think accepting a greeting is a bit different then dabbling in Hindu religion…………….I think there is a big distinction. ya know I wonder what people would say about Saint Francis of Assisi today? Would you consider it scandalous that he accepted a an ivory horn used by the muezzin to call the faithful to prayer from the Sultan. On his return, Francis used it to call people for prayer or for preaching. Just Saying……………….”

      Don’t believe your lying eyes, believe me, right? ESH is “just sayin'” taking a pagan object and making it useful to the Faith is a good thing, as St Francis may have done. Accepting pagan markings from a “cleric” of a pagan religion can never be good and scandalizes the faithful who can only think the new Cardinal accepts the premises of the pagan Hindus, engaging in indifferentism and violating the First Commandment. It’s absurd to compare the two, but we are talking about a Neo Con Catholic who invariably makes touchy-feely liberal statements defending the most outlandish antics of the modernists under the guise of “obedience” and Vatican II.

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