They’re not stopping there…

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The homosexual-sodomite lobby machine is in full gear despite a HUGE setback recently in UT from a surprising source, SC Justice Sotomayor.

On Dec. 20, 2013, Judge Shelby, an O’Bama appointee, issued his bizarre 53-page ruling that shocked even us. One can see why Obama liked him. He went even farther than the US Supreme Court or any other court, in our observation, to institutionalize “gay marriage.” Not only did he completely buy into the 5th and 14th Amendment arguments, but he stated that the right to “gay marriage” was “deeply rooted in the nation’s history”!

This right is deeply rooted in the nation’s history and implicit in the concept of ordered liberty because it protects an individual’s ability to make deeply personal choices about love and family free from government interference . . . Both same-sex and opposite-sex marriage are therefore simply manifestations of one right — the right to marry — applied to people with different sexual identities.

This is legal mumbo jumbo and has no bearing in fact or legal precedent. It does play to the truism that liberalism is a mental disease.
Lesbians and sodomites line up for “marriage” certificates following the Shelby ruling on Dec 20th.
From Mass Resistence:
Immediately after the ruling, Utah Republican Governor Gary Herbert requested a stay from Judge Shelby while his ruling was appealed. It was denied. Among other things, Judge Shelby made the preposterous statement that “public interest will be harmed by a stay” because it would “violate constitutionally protected rights.”

The Governor then filed a motion for a stay in the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals. On December 24, the Circuit Court of Appeals also denied the Governor’s request.  That same day, the Utah Attorney General ordered all county clerks — including the four holdout counties — to issue same-sex “marriage” licenses when requested.

The Governor then began to prepare the paperwork to ask the US.Supreme Court to intervene with a stay while the appeal of the court ruling was taking place. On December 31 that request was filed. The entire SCOTUS voted to uphold the UT plebiscite emergency TRO until the Court hears the attendant case.

Utah claims it will not recognize any “marriages” from the poisoned tree of the Shelby ruling.
Look for more in this particular case and abuse of the courts by sodomite activists since they have lost at the state ballot box in more than 31 states. They are gearing up for a mass push on their perverted lifestyle in 2014, imposing their immorality on the vast majority of Americans.

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