Hawai’i Six case 21 years later…

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This is for all those neo-con Catholics who love to be legalistic, pelagian and all sorts of riff-raff when it comes to Tradition. So often, they point to the illicit and unjust excommunications of 1988 of 6 bishops, two who passed away within a few years of the consecration of 4 of those bishops for SSPX without papal mandate. Oops! the principle of supplicet applies in times of emergency, and the Church remains in dire crisis since Vatican II’s time bombs went off.

Of course, these same neo-cons have no problem with pagan markings on new cardinals by Hindus nor of cardinals getting re-baptized by <gasp> female protestant ministers. Anything smelling of Tradition that is faithful to the Catholic Church, Her authentic magisterium and Sacred Scripture are de facto “schismatic”, “detractors”, “calumnizers” and so forth, a whole panopoly of ad hominem attacks, none which have any objective basis.

Having laid the groundwork, ESH recalls with fondness that emeritus Benedict XVI, when heading the CDF in 1993 along with the case before the Apostolic Signatura–the Vatican’s Supreme Tribunal–found that the 6 good folks attending the SSPX chapel in Hawai’i were not schismatic, were not excommunicated and that–for the umpteenth time–fulfilled their Sunday and holyday obligations by attending same said chapel for Holy Mass.

Gee, just like Antonio Cardinal Ottaviani said back in the early 1980s. But the neo-cons didn’t believe that either.

It was nearly 21 years ago in January of 1993 when Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (then Prefect for the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith and the future Pope Benedict XVI) instructed the United State’s Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Agostino Cacciavillan, to inform the Bishop of Honolulu, Joseph Ferrario, that his decree of excommunication against six Catholics was invalid. The supposed crime of the “Hawaii Six”: attending Mass at a chapel of the Society of St. Pius X and obtaining the sacrament of confirmation from one of its bishops.

The “Ratzinger Decree” (as it became known) should have been the end of the matter, but the Apostolic Nuncio decided to insert further intrigue into the matter — forcing the cardinal to intervene again.

And that the sacraments rendered there were quite valid, as valid as the excommunications of faves of the neo-cons like Martin Luther, Henry VIII, John Wellesley and other heretics and schismatics.

You don’t need believe the ESH; just read the Vatican’s official documents on the matter by clicking here…

Have no fear: these documents won’t satisfy these neo-cons and their self-styled auto-Popes, viz., themselves. They have no problem ignoring the fact that the definition of schism includes refusing communion with other  bona fide Catholics, including those nasty Trads.

ESH says there are two easy ways you can get up to speed on the matters: (1) get a copy of the new movie DVD, Lefebvre the Movie; or (2) order the book by Archbishop Lefebvre An Open Letter to Confused Catholics. Either one will definitely help fill in a lot of the background that many conciliar Catholics have lost out on the past 45 years.

No hurry…get one of them (or both if feeling adventurous and moved by the Holy Ghost) and we’ll wait here for you to catch up. And remember, tens of thousands of saints were martyred for the vibrant Traditional Latin Mass (and other valid Eastern Rite Liturgies). None have braved death for the blase Novus Ordo.


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