Pope Benedict XVI laicized 400 sodomite/pederast priests last 2 years…

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Good news being reported via AP is that Pope emeritus Benedict XVI laicized at least 400 priests the last two years of his reign, ESH has learned.

These were priests who had sexually abused underage children via their sodomite or pederast proclivities. It is unsure if he laicized any homosexuals having relations with adults.

It looks like he knew that he IS to judge, a notable lesson for his successor who is more intent on persecuting Tradition minded clergy such as the embattled and orthodox FFI.

The data — 260 priests defrocked in 2011 and 124 in 2012, a total of 384 — represented a dramatic increase over the 171 priests defrocked in 2008 and 2009.

It was the first compilation of the number of priests forcibly removed for sex abuse by the Vatican’s in-house procedures — and a canon lawyer said the real figure is likely far higher, since the numbers don’t include sentences meted out by diocesan courts.

The spike started a year after the Vatican decided to double the statute of limitations on the crime, enabling victims who were in their late 30s to report abuse committed against them when they were children.

Laicizing is the process whereby a priest’s faculties are taken away–authority to offer Holy Mass, hear confessions, preach sermons, offer other sacraments–except in extreme cases where a life is in danger. Otherwise, they must lead everyday, lay lives without any garb indicating publicly that they are a priest. The sacrament of Holy Orders does leave an indelible mark on the soul of a consecrated priest forever.




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