500,000 expected at DC March for Life today…

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The usually mendacious drive by state run media will either ignore or poo-poo the half million people marching in DC today in defense of all human life, most especially defending our most innocent and defenseless brothers and sisters today. And this despite some bad weather, lower than normal temps and just being physically close to all the weasely politicians who are denizens of that city.

So we expect that.

EWTN will be covering the March pretty non stop and Fox News is carrying intermittent reports on its flagship channel, which has the nation’s highest rated cable TV shows anyway.

Over the weekend, more than 1,000 showed up in Raleigh, NC and about 2,000 in Chicago for similar marches and protest rallies.

This coming Saturday, another estimated 50,000 are expected at the now annual West Coast march for life in SF, epicenter of the anti-family and anti-life sodomy industry.

Commonly underreported are the TRUE and actual numbers of babies aborted since the twin Roe v Wade and Doe v Bolton decisions of 1973 pretty much making baby killing of any age legal. The figure often bantered about by various pro-life groups now is 55-57 million, a small fraction of the true figure.


PFLI has contacted NRTL, Ohio RTL, Greater Columbus RTL, Operation Rescue and their various affiliates and the many pro-life outlets regarding the ongoing under-reporting these artificially LOW numbers previously.

The actual aborted baby body count is more like 300+ million lives….you are forgetting the murdered Holocaust victims of the Pill, mifepristone, Plan B, ella, IUDs, Norplant, Implanon, Depo Provera, hCG vaccines, methotrexate, misoprostol and tens of thousands of killed preborns via all artificial means of creating life (e.g. IVF, SCNT, etc).

Please don’t minimize their deaths by ignoring them in the stats, folks. For calculations you can trust that show the Abortion Holocaust is 4-5x that under-reported by pro-life sources, click here and see Infant Homicides Through Contraceptives.


3 thoughts on “500,000 expected at DC March for Life today…

    Chris James said:
    May 22, 2014 at 13:22

    Hey Eastside Hunky,

    I also recommend this article that talks about the similar things: http://baylyblog.com/blog/2009/03/dead-babies-who-dont-count-pills-bloody-future.

      eastsidehunky responded:
      May 22, 2014 at 13:47

      You probably meant the Jan march right Chris? But, you are right…drive bys ignore half a million but it’s non stop coverage if 3 sodomites are whining about their faux “right to marry”.

        Chris James said:
        May 22, 2014 at 19:38

        Thanks EastsideHunky,

        Yea i know because also i also today contacted abort73 regarding their page abort73.com/abortion_facts/us_abortion_statistics/ since it is the top of the searches for “abortion Statistics” and explained the problem too of not counting abortifacients. I think if we are to be consistent in our belief that life is sacred from fertilization then true pro-lifers need to also count the numbers from abortifacients. I also when emailing abort73 recommended the book “Infant Homicides Through Contraceptives” so they can decide if they want to be consistent with their beliefs.

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