Koo-moe shows he’s an intolerant bigot

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NY Governor Koo-moe (pronounced the way the Revurund Jack-sohn says it) showed he’s an intolerant, bigoted hate filled Dem like the rest of the nut jobs on the left last week. So what’s new? This is par for the course from the mentally disturbed left.

No room at the New Yawk inn, huh, Guv? No room for pro-lifers, pro-second amendment defenders of the constitution or those who know sodomy is a sin and an abomination, a source of perversion that leads to pediophilia and child sex abuse.

After publicly bashing pro-life conservative New Yorkers as “extreme” people who have no place in his state, the intolerant Dem governor wants to blame the drive by state run media for his unmistakable contempt for those who oppose abortion, support gun rights and defend traditional marriage. Isn’t that same drive by media usually acting as lap dog and stenographer for the Dems and the left? Whassup wif dat?

Read here how Michele Malkin, who has very good command of the King’s English, cleans this mafioso wannabees clock. His lib dad, who was a defender of life and fought those promoting the deviant sodomite “lifestyle”, could not be more ashamed or rolling in the proverbial grave.

What ever happened to being inclusive, yer Honor?


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