Muslims destroy 248 churches in Iraq alone…

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There used to be 300 Christian churches in Iraq, and now they are only 52, which means the Muslims have destroyed 248 churches in the country of Iraq, alone.

Some of these are Orthodox and some are Eastern Rite (Chaldean) Catholic. A number were also Protestant.

With all the wailing and wringing of hands in public from the left about sodomite laws at the Olympic games in Sochi, Russia, ESH guesses the selective human rights lefties have no use for those moralizing Christians dying and being burned out in places like war torn Iraq and now civil war laden Syria, where more than 200,000 are dead and 10% of the population has emigrated or is in migrant mode, and had to abandon their homes, whether by direct threat or by the certainty that if they stay, death will be their only option.

Here is a video showing Mohammedans destroying an Orthodox church in Serbia:

Hypocrites on the left, we hail your cowardice!


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