14 years of quality alone time and lots of new ‘girlfriends’…

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That’s what the dirt bag who tried to poison Remee Jo Lee, 27, with a trick and an abortifacient when she refused to abort their child.

Remee Jo Lee, 27

The man who tricked his ex-girlfriend into taking Cytotec, an abortion-inducing drug has been sentenced to nearly 14 years in prison.

John Andrew Welden received the full negotiated sentence of 13 years and eight months in a hearing at 1:30 yesterday afternoon.

“I don’t think Mr. Welden is an evil person, but he committed an evil act and for that he’s going to have to pay the consequences,” said U.S. District Judge Richard A. Lazzara as he imposed the full sentence. No, judge, anyone who will voluntarily kill their preborn child and put the mother’s life at risk at the same time is evil.

Remee Jo Lee with Andrew Welden

Life before Welden gave Lee an abortifacient

Welden signed a plea bargain in September to avoid life in prison for violating the 2004 Unborn Victims of Violence Act. But Lazzara, a 1997 Clinton appointee, nearly let Welden escape with only 41 months in prison.

The 29-year-old convict, who goes by Andrew, was engaged to Remee Jo Lee, 27. When she became pregnant, he accompanied her to an OB/GYN visit. Welden’s father is a physician, and the perp forged a prescription for the Cytotec and presented it to Lee to consume and, he hoped, chemically abort their baby.

Enjoy 14 years of alone time, “Andrew” and all the new unsolicited girlfriends you will meet in the pen!


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