Catholic hospitals dispensing abortifacients, “contraceptives” freely…

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ESH has been saying this for a long time, and discussed this issue surrounding the Diocese of Columbus previously here and here, so it really is not “news” in the journalistic sense of the word. It is “old” news.

Michael Voris and the folks at on their “MIC’d up” show had a program yesterday, including some pearls from ALL leader and long time pro-life advocate, Judie Brown. He was exposing the open secret of “catholic” hospitals in the greater Detroit area who freely and without apology offer to dispense abortifacient oral “contraceptives” (Ministran was one brand discussed by name by a pharmacy tech at one facility, but there are dozens). The technical pharmacology of all these abortifacients is treated well here.

Only St Mary’s Hospital in Livonia, MI declined any offer to dispense OCs not do they stock them, according to the unnamed pharm tech. That was only 1 out of 8 hospitals Voris’ people called.



Bishop Olmstead of Phoeniz, AZ and Bishop Vasa of Portland, OR are only 2 known prelates who have withdrawn the name “catholic” from 2 offending hospitals in their dioceses (St Joseph and St Luke, respectively). Wonder if the new Bishop Allen Henry Vigneron of Detroit will now take action, having refused to respond for > one year to scandalized local Catholics? And what of Bishop Campbell in Columbus, OH? Dittos on allowing multiple baby killing abortionists admitting privileges at local Mt Carmel Hospital’s 4 branches.

One thought on “Catholic hospitals dispensing abortifacients, “contraceptives” freely…

    Doody, Dennis said:
    February 6, 2014 at 09:07

    Bishop Robert Vasa (pronounced “Vasha”) used to be the bishop of Baker, Oregon. I am not familiar with his dealing with a hospital in Portland. I did have a phone conversation with Bishop Vasa about a year or so ago and he told me then that he had difficulties with the Catholic hospital and it’s nuns in Eureka, CA. Bishop Vasa is currently the bishop of the Diocese of Santa Rosa in California. DD

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