French parenting law for sodomites, lesbians put on hold…

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Even under a socialist government, the forces of traditional families and normalacy of sex between humans of the opposite gender made their voices loud and clear, and found success.

For now at least.

Pharmer shares how socialist French president Hollande with his own scandal imbroglio of extramarital affairs, could not but back down with recent protests against this law by Divinely inspired and natural families of one man, one woman and their conjugal offspring.

Dr Susan Berry reports at Breitbart, that the plans of Francois Hollande to allow assisted reproduction for lesbian couples and surrogacy for sodomite men have come to a screeching halt.  Many socially conservative groups came together to protest the so-called “modernization” of family law.

La Manif Pour Tous is a group that has joined disparate religious and social groups together against so-called “same sex” marriage–a contradiction of terms if there ever was one–legislation in Europe, and they have fought a successful battle against the latest plans of President Hollande.

Meanwhile, La Manif Pour Tous reports that in Croatia (Hrvatska is the correct endonym) the plebiscite to define marriage as one man, one woman received over 65% in the “yes” column with a victory over the anti-family forces. Hrvatska is mostly a nation of Roman Catholics, with a small number of Byzantine Rite Catholics and a smattering of Mohammedans, although those have mostly migrated to the neighboring state of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Croissant, anyone? Ćevapčići?


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