PP has for fork over $2 Mill in botched abortion case…

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Yes, you heard it right. Klan Parenthood, the largest domestic terrorist organization, has conceded a liability lawsuit arising from a death of a young woman, Tonya Reaves of Chicago, in 2012 in one of PP’s death chamber mills in the Windy City. tonyareaves8

Their penalty? Well, first of all no one goes to jail. Mind you if it was ESH or one of us pro-life plebes, count on it we’d be in the klinker already with maybe a good broken arm or nose from the pro-life friendly local gendarme. They will have to pay $2 million dollars because of their involvement in this poor girl’s death. Of that more than $500,000 will go for attorneys fees. The girl’s estate will get the rest in incremental payments.

Here’s the further injustice: these payments won’t start until 2017! That’s more than 5 yrs after this young woman’s death caused directly by PP and its so-called “doctor”, who perforated this girl’s uterus and basically left her for dead. Further, they will stretch out for about 30 yrs. Guess the judge thought that’s “fair”. Reaves was only 24 years old when she died of a massive hemorrhage.  Planned Parenthood of Illinois waited 5 hours before sending Reaves to the hospital, via a private ambulance company.  There is no record of a call to 911 regarding her case.

Other sidebar interesting details:  Planned Parenthood has paid $367,000 to settle a state claim that Dr Carolyn Hoke has been over billing Medicaid for services, just after the time that the Reaves family was said  to have filed suit.  Oddly, there seems to be no official record available concerning the filing of an actual lawsuit by the Reaves family.   Guess ESH could say that more gently so as  to not offend the sensitivities of the milquetoast crowds, including por-lifers showing no courage or fortitude. No thanks. No one’s worried about offending this dead girl or her remaining family.

A recent “unsubscriber” told ESH: “I am prolife, but I am highly offended by these inflammatory, insulting headlines. There is plenty of factual, scientific evidence that abortion is harmful. It is not necessary to shore up your position by using ridicule.” Wonder if Tonya Reaves thinks there was “plenty of factual, scientific evidence” that her deadly abortion was “harmful”? Oh, the silence of the crickets is deafening. Maybe more of us need to be offended like my past subscriber above, so that the lowlifes at PP won’t be killing any more moms along with the 340,000+ surgical abortions they perform annually, assisted by our tax dollars!

Meanwhile, PP of IL is advertising for MORE Obamacare so they can collect more tax payer dollars for babykilling. From their website accessed 10 Feb 2014.


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