Getting beyond just “ewwwww!”

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Brother Andre Marie, MICM, gives a good explanation into the revulsion of sodomy, and explains why we must get past what he calls “the yuck factor”.  Some contemporaries may also call it getting past “ewwwww” when revulsed by the physically and spiritually destructiveness of homosexuality foisted on western society by campaigning groups, government, the drive by state run media and other quacks and kooks.

As this egregious sin against God and nature and the natural use of the sexual faculty for good and propagation of the species destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, so we are again reminded it is not just “another lifestyle” as its propagandists often chime. There’s nothing “gay” or happy about this sewer activity.

As Brother Andre says:

“In the case of sodomy or other homosexual acts, there is an enormous difference. Yes, we must still use our reason as human beings. But when we do so — when we use our reason enlightened not only by the natural law but also by Faith and grace — we conclude that sodomy is wrong not merely because it is disgusting, but because it is an offense against the Eternal Law of God, both the natural law written on our hearts, and the supernaturally revealed Law of the Gospel found in Scripture and Tradition, and infallibly taught to us by God’s holy Church.

“What might start off well as a mere revulsion for something morally outrageous must mature into Christian convictions based upon sound principles of Faith and reason.”

Read it all here…

Well said!


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