Bulgars fight back for country against Mohammedans…

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The Bulgars have given an example to the world, filled with many chickified nations, such as the UK, among others. At least in the sphere of pushing back to the creeping shariaization of Europe and the Americas.

Patriotic Bulgarians have had enough.

“You are not Europeans, you are barbarians…”   So said the protesters to the Mohammedans in Bulgaria’s 2nd largest city, Plovdiv

With the crowd estimated at 2,000 or more, Bulgarians took to the streets of the nation’s second largest city to protest what they consider a Muslim attempt to “Islamicise” the Balkan country, as reported on Feb. 14, 2014 by The Sofia Globe (of Sofia, Bulgaria), the Anadolu News Agency (of Ankara, Turkey) and the Bulgarian internet news portal PlovdivUtre.bg.

Baptism of Bulgaria
Baptism of the Preslav Court.jpg

Baptism of the Preslav court by Nikolai Pavlovich (date of completion unknown)
Date 864 AD
Location Began spreading from Preslav
Outcome Bulgaria converts to Christianity

The Bulgarians are a Slavic tribe on the southeast end of the Balkans, a country long dominated by the Ottoman Turks for 500+ years, thanks to its proximity to Turkey. They also were converted to Christianity around the time of the other Slavic tribes in the late 800s and early 900s by the duo “Apostles to the Slavs”, Ss Cyril and Methodius, brothers by blood and faith, and their influence in Byzantium (Constantinople, today called Istanbul).

The Bulgars also use the Cyrillic alphabet shared with the saintly brothers from the Greek backbone with groups like the Ukrainians, Serbs, Russians, Belarus, Macedonians and others. Like these other nations, Bulgaria is chiefly Orthodox Catholic, using the same liturgy as the Byzantine Rites but schismatically separated from the Catholic Church and the Holy Father.

Seeking a court order to take possession of properties previously owned by Muslims during the rule of the former Ottoman Empire, who were finally expelled in 1878 after 500 years of oppression, the current Grant Mufti of Bulgaria’s small Muslim minority has been filing legal applications under the country’s Religious Denominations Act.


Seen by many as somewhat of a judicial jihad and power grab against the overwhelming Christian majority, especially with a veritable tsunami of Syrian and North African illegal Muslim immigrants swamping the country.

ESH says bravo for the Christian Bulgars acting like soldiers of Christ rather than whimpering and cowering dogs like some other Western nations.



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