The endless stream of ‘humility’…

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Are we tired of it yet? That endless stream of made-for-TV-cameras scenes of Pope Francis indulging himself and the world in yet another episode of Humble Hor-hey?

How is it possible that one so humble has to incessantly and publicly draw attention to that very virtue in himself?

Chris Ferrera reports in the Remnant:

“…the world press reported that Pope Francis has obtained an Argentinian passport and identity card under his former name, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, and that he “would like to keep traveling around the world with the Argentinian passport.” That is, although he already holds a Vatican passport as Pope Francis, head of the Vatican city state and Vicar of Christ, he would like to continue to be known, and treated by immigration authorities, as simply Jorge Bergoglio, citizen of Argentina. In yet another display of an endlessly praised humility that is becoming a titanic spectacle, Pope Francis—or should I say Jorge Bergoglio—insisted on personally paying the processing fees to the Argentinian government. In the “Church of the poor” there is no money to waste on fees for the Pope’s alter ego passport and ID card, but $28 million was readily available for a massive three-hour rock concert cum Novus Ordo Mass on the beach in Rio…”

Wonder when beach ball bingo is next?

As the old pharmacy maxim says, if you have to endlessly talk about how you are “X”, you probably are not “X” (in this case, insert the word “humble”).


One thought on “The endless stream of ‘humility’…

    Frank J. Nice said:
    February 20, 2014 at 08:30

    The Post is eating it up, especially his humility for homosexuals.

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