Contraceptive mentality is the root cause of abortion

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Never truer words were spoken. +Fr Paul Marx, OSB, founder of HLI, was a long time apostle in the life cultural wars, on an international scale before it was fashionable, who preached this message consistently and often.

Judie Brown at ALL, another veteran of the abortion wars, also speaks on the topic, again, this week with nuggets of truth. And she harkens back to some of the pearls of Fr Marx in the process.

Read it here and edumacate yourself. Not only does the contraceptive mentality, led by high dose powerful steroids in the abortifacient and carcinogenic oral “contraceptive” Pill, lead to the abortion mentality, it also is causing and wreaking havoc on women worldwide. In the US alone, about 14 million women use the Pill annually, yet half of them stop within a year of starting because the side effects are so intolerable.

Victims of OC use, now deceased, thanks to the Pill

The Pill Kills, and ALL helped launch that educational website and annual June rally that focuses on how the Pill kills preborns and, with greater frequency, their moms. Just recently a report showed 3rd generation OCs had killed at least 800 women in the UK, a country that is only about 20% of the population of the US’s 315 million.

Truer words were never spoken.


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