Liberal racist Wilbon wants to play Massa’ to whites…

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Michael Wilbon, stationed on the liberal Disney subsidiary, ESPN, was on Pardon the Interruption some time ago, browbeating Tony Kornheiser, a Jew, about whites framing the “debate” over use of the N-word.

Michael Wilbon 2011.jpg

Wilbon, a racist and petty dictator type like his hero the Kenyan kommie, was chastizing whites and Kornheiser about anyone but a negro using the N-word, something he says “was forced upon us…in the plantation”, as if he experienced something that happened hundreds of years ago.

The NFL is contemplating a new rule whereby ANY use of the N-word on the field of play will result in a 15 yd penalty. Roger Goodell is a true uber liberal hisself, just like his failed senator father, and wants to conduct further social engineering in the best known and most watched sport in the world.

Will they have similar penalties when someone is called a grinder (Slovenians), a Mic (Irish), a kraut (Germans), a dago (Italians) or a kike (Jews)? What?! No parity!?

It’s hard to even make any sense over the rambling excoriating attack of Wilbon, who says he used the N-word hisself and has no problem doing so all day. Thanks for the qualifier, Massa’ Michael!

BTW, ESH wanted to let the readers know Wilbon grew up in a middle class Chicago neighborhood and attended ALL private schools for high school and college: Northwestern University, St. Ignatius College Prep, Medill School of Journalism. He started out at the extreme liberal WaPo after college.

If he grew up Catholic, he’s not much of a practicing one, bragging he and his wife had their only child, a boy Michael, via a surrogate mother. Poor kid.

At the end of the day, Wilbon is a liberal who shows what kind of a verbal tyrant he can be when given the stage.

Maybe Wilbon can take some sensitivity sessions from Gordon Gee, the ex-OSU prez who just loves going after those fishy Catholics!



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